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Yacht Interior Finery provides luxury items for yachts and residences, catering to the specific needs and desires of our elite clientele

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Luxury furniture, cushions, throws, and lamps. Contact us for more varieties.
Original furniture, seat cushions, beach exterior towels and lighting. See some of our options.
Enjoy a cozy and luxurious sleep at sea with our high-quality bedding.
Soft, plush, highest quality towels and luxury accessories for your bath.
Exclusive silver, glassware, tablecloths and placemats. Contact for more.
It is your source of exclusive and unique items for your yacht's interior, customized to your preferences.
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How to contact

Send a request and our manager will contact you

About Us

Yacht Interior Finery is your one-stop shop for yacht and villa interiors. We provide high-quality products and services for every room and space on your yacht or your villa. We work with top brands and designers, and have our own line of bespoke items. We customize everything to your liking and handle all the logistics. Contact us today and let us make your yacht a dream come true.

YIF sources from global brands and family artisans to create unique products that suit any style: modern or classic. YIF keeps records of every project to ensure easy updates or replacements over time.

Our team

Our multilingual team makes sure that all our customers get care and support and provides you with a personalized service. Our workshop, situated in Menton, France where the magic happens and imagination comes true.